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We’d love to help you with your job hunt or with your search for new staff.


We source and place specialists from the European Union and Eastern Europe. Effective human resources are essential for every business and are the backbone of a successful business strategy. Our company philosophy centres on three main values: competence, reliability, and fairness. We recruit skilled workers from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Croatia, as well as from other countries. We speak their mother tongue and know what makes them tick. With us, you can find skilled workers, medical personnel, domestic help, and labourers. We handle the entire recruitment process - from the initial interview, to the employee's arrival at your company.




Areas of business

Skilled workers and labourers working in gastronomy, logistics and transportation, medicine and health care, in domestic help, or in a trade. 

For companies

We handle the search for qualified employees that can help you achieve your business goals. Our employees will assist you in direct recruitment or in project agreements.

Business German

We offer lessons in business German for companies. The primary goal of these courses is to improve communication skills for everyday situations at work.

For applicants

We support you throughout the entire application process. We speak your mother tongue and are present on-site so that you can reach us at any time during your employment in Germany.