Business German for companies

We offer business German classes - either in groups or individually. The classes can take place online or in person. The main objective of the course is to improve communication skills in routine, professional situations. Business German is taught in groups so that participants can apply it correctly and appropriately in a variety of professional scenarios. Your trainer has a diploma in business administration from Germany and many years of professional experience.

This course uses an organisational model based on an industrial company. There are divisions according to a typical company structure - such as marketing, sales, materials management, purchasing, business management, investment, financing, and logistics and production. Another focus is communication training, business correspondence, and presentation skills.

This service is only available to companies.


  • Customer, market, and competition analysis
  • Product planning, product presentation, and market launch
  • Product and price optimization
  • Market research


and finance

  • Investment appraisal
  • Capital market
  • Securities analysis
  • Forms of financing
  • Equity and debt capital


  • Customers’ acquisition
  • Quoting
  • Sales talks and negotiations
  • Sales conditions
  • Setting of sales contracts

Logistics and  production 

  • Production planning and control (PPS)
  • Location planning
  • Inventory turnover ratios
  • Distribution

Business administration

  • Cost and activity accounting
  • Controlling
  • Calculation and pricing
  • Planning

Materials management and purchasing

  • Invitation to tender and offer evaluation
  • Specifications analysis
  • Evaluation of key figures
  • Terms negotiating
  • Issuance of contract

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